Scribbly Gums Dexter Stud - Burra NSW

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 Scribbly Gums is our 40 acre Dexter Stud,  located approx 40 minutes south of Canberra city, just over the border in Burra NSW.

 While we have been in the Canberra region since 1998, we moved to Burra in 2008 after moving from Queanbeyan to build our new home we decided to take a slow approach to acquiring stock for our Dexter Stud to ensure we had the required infrastucture in place.

We are a new Dexter stud and have started with a heard of 7 registered purebred Dexter cows including:

Getting things in place

Well we have organised our Property Idenfication Code (PIC), and have been around the fences and fixed up all those broken wires thanks to the roos. We have established an automatic watering trough and even mowed a few acres to get some grass regrowth going. So we are ready for our new arrivals just need to finalised the transport.

The search for our new cows

We have been looking for some good quality Dexter cattle at a reasonable price for quite a while now. A few options came up but did not suit us 100% and the patience has paid off. We recently located a nice heard of Dexter cows and we are in the process of acquiring them.